Our Creations are also available via another brand for Retail stores / furniture stores / resellers.

Why offer our Products to your customers ?

- 100% hand-painted - Textured Oil Wall Art.
- 2000+ designs suitable for any customer.
- Unique and Modern Products.
- Large Discounts for wholesale.
- Different Sizes Available for your display: Large Multi-panels, Uni-panels, and Small sizes.
- Large Inventory for fast Delivery (5-6days).
- No minimum order required on the Paintings or Metal wall Art.
- Several distribution chanels available ; Stock Orders, Drop Shipping, Container program ...
- Product Packaging with PVC Window, Shipping Box, Custom Branding, Merchandising Palette ...
- Large Statistical Database : Best Seller Statistics by state, province, and city (Canada/USA).
- Fully owned Studios allowing us to create specific Product lines for your customers.
- Online Catalogue available on a separate website (Website without prices).
- Print Catalogue available.
- New Designs every Month from our artists.
- Branding Solutions for Large Retailers.
- High Production Capacity allowing large retailers to resell our products through hundreds of locations.

BUSINESS SALES : CALL US TODAY - 1-(888) 604-2215

Single Location Retailers:  
Fabuart offers uncomparable service to small retail locations. We, at Fabuart, understand that it can be difficult to establish a small business, with inventory being one of a small businesses largest challenges financially.  At fabuart we offer small retailers a complete solution to easily integrate our products into your catalogue. We offer 5-6 day delivery, meaning small retail locations do not have to carry an inventory of our products.  When your client orders from you, you order from us, and receive the order to your location for pick up by your client within one week (Possibility to ship directly to your customers also).  This means there is no initial investment from the retailer, and zero risk. The product arrives to you, ready to be picked up by your client.

Medium Size Retailers:  
For our medium sized retailers, we offer custom solutions tailored to your needs. You have the option of ordering a painting per order, as many small retail stores do, which provides no investment or upfront cost to your organization (additional information on this solution in our small retail section) or placing larger orders and carrying some inventory in your location, allowing you to qualify for one of the discounts by volume our large retail stores benefit from by placing large orders.

Large Retailers:
For large retail locations,  fabuart offers custom solutions and branding. (Normally a minimum order of 2000 paintings is necessary for branding, please feel free to contact us for additional information.) Our packaging solutions can be catered to your organizations needs depending on the superficies allotted to the reselling of fabuart products in your location, product placement and organization, etc, or you can of course use our standard retail box. Our large retail stores benefit from large discounts on our products typically allowing for a 200%+ mark up  and may also qualify to obtain exclusivity on certain paintings and product lines that they do not want their clients to be able to obtain elsewhere.

Other Services For Large Retailers:
Perfect Selection: Study of your market/region/city and selection of the best sellers from all our sales statitics acquired from all of our distribution channels (Online, Offline, Merchants, Interior Designers ....)
Fully owned Studios allowing us to create specific Product lines for your customers.
High Production Capacity allowing large retailers to resell our products to hundreds of locations.
Specific Packaging Creations : Box with windows, Rack Display...