• Handpainted and Handcrafted Artwork

    Production Details

    Handpainted & Handcrafted Artwork


    Our painting process takes place in several interesting steps. We ensure quality and originality at all stages of the process. Here, we show you how we create a masterpiece on a blank canvas. One of our experienced artists explains our painting process for you. Please use this slideshow to find more details about our production process

  • Handpainted & Textured Oil Painting

    Handpainted & Textured Oil Painting

    Phase 1 : Wood Frame Production


    100% Wooden frames are produced on site from raw materials. White Cotton Canvas are stretched by hand onto the wooden frames.

  • Handpainted & Textured Oil Painting

    Phase 2- Canvas Sketching


    Every painting begins with a sketch. An artist needs to draw a sketch of his work on the blank canvas. It gives insight about the size, colors, shades and textures to be applied to the piece. We often sketch the work using pencils or charcoal.

  • Handpainted & Textured Oil Painting

    Phase 3 - Background Painting


    All our paintings have different background colors. Based on the nature of the objects to be painted, background color may vary. We use large brushes to paint the undercoat color. We choose a suitable color for each painting as per its nature, shades, shapes and colors. We start to paint basic shapes, lines and colors on the painting. If you happen to see the work at this phase, you can not easily visualize what the final outcome will be.

  • Handpainted & Textured Oil Painting

    Phase 4: Forms and Shapes


    The next stage is to draw all of the forms, shapes and objects. This is also the stage where we begin to apply the color combinations. We identify the dark and light shades required for the piece of artwork. If necessary, at this step, we reduce shades and colors of particular shapes to allow the painting to look nice and neat. It is at this stage, the painting takes on its real form.

  • Handpainted & Textured Oil Painting

    Phase 5: Textures & Details


    Textures are major elements of a painting. It is often one of the ways for a customer to identify a real painting from a canvas transfer or digital print. Textures are natural components of paintings. They give depth to the work. You see the originality of a painting due to its unique texture and shade combination. We add textures to our artwork with care and great attention to detail.

  • Handpainted & Textured Oil Painting

    Phase 6 : Drying Session and Examination


    As our artists add several layers of oil paint during the creation, each painting needs to dry for several days before being packaged and shipped. Once the drying phase is done, our quality control team thoroughly checks every aspect of the painting. Only with their approval will the painting then move to our packaging and shipping center.

  • Handpainted & Textured Oil Painting

    Phase 7 : Packaging & Shipping


    Each artwork is carefully packaged with bubble wrap and corner protections to arrive undamaged. We have shipping centers in the US and Canada, so there are no import fees or duties to pay when shipping to either country. We usually ship to Customers or Retailers/Resellers 48hours after your order.

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